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Dawn B Lillis, C.I.H.

Intuitive Healer,

Spiritual Mentor & Counselor

Quantumwave Laser Healer

& Ambassador

Dawn Lillis is an inspiring, joyful, heart-based teacher and mentor. She uses her extensive years of practical experience and training connecting with spiritual, physical, and emotional healing methods to guide and empower you on your healing path.

Dawn is a Stillpoint Certified Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Mentor, and Counselor. She is also an Inter-faith minister, experienced personal consultant, and friend to many.

From her own personal experience, Dawn has healed through challenging circumstances and knows how important it is to have help and support on that journey. Dawn surrounds herself with like-minded, skilled healers to continue to help others and to support her own journey forward. 

Dawn embodies all she teaches. She listens deeply and helps others to see things in a different light. She is knowledgeable in Quantum Wave Laser therapy, plant based healing diets, supplements for health, and spiritual practices. Dawn reads and studies extensively past and current spiritual leaders and ideas in the quest for healing self, and most importantly she guides with unconditional love. Dawn can help you explore aspects of yourself and receive messages of guidance. She can give you tools that will last for a lifetime.

Whether coming to Dawn with a personal challenge or just to talk about the latest healing trend, she will be engaged and present in each moment with you. Dawn is a valuable asset in your spiritual team and you’ll never forget her and the difference she made in your life.

The Benefits of Working With A Certified Intuitive Healer:

If you are ready to reach your goals for healing and personal growth you will want to work with a Certified Intuitive Healer (C.I.H.) who can help you step fully into your life! 

There is no better time than right now to:

-Understand yourself, your body,your feelings, your attitudes, and the way your body uses energy to shift imbalance into balance.

-Know that the mind-body-spirit connection offers you new tools for healing, such as accessing your "inner healer" and awakening your personal power.

-Renew self-love and worthiness, reclaiming your natural relationship with abundance.

-Rediscover the unlimited creative potential that gives your life greater meaning.

-Forgive the people who caused you pain so you can find greater inner peacefulness.

-Experience the Power of Love that makes healing less stressful and more complete.

   By undertaking the Stillpoint Healing Work with Dawn, a professional Certified Intuitive Healer, you will create a more vitally alive, dynamic energy in and around your body that promotes optimism, self-confidence and active healing.

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