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Stillpoint Intuitive Scans

Dawn does an extensive energy reading of every client before the initial consultation. The work is done in person or over the telephone. Actual distance makes no difference in being able to read your energy.

She is really having a conversation with your Body Wisdom to understand where and why you may be off balance or struggling.

Dawn can then offer you a comprehensive picture of your total health and opportunities to live your soul’s intention freely.

First, Dawn works with your physical body by sensing the health of each region as well as noting “messages” of specific organs, checking the major systems of your body: Neurological, Endocrine, Respiratory, Circulatory, Immune, Digestive, Muscular, Excretory, Reproductive, Skeletal, and the membranes and tissues of the body. 

Second, Dawn looks at your emotional energy field, evaluating the energy flowing through each of your major energy centers, or chakras. She then interprets intuitively the databanks of information present in your energy field to determine at the deepest level how you feel about your life, specific relationships and their influence on your well-being. It is these issues that are preventing you from healing or are blocking the discovery of essential aspects of your life path.

Third, she does a reading of your spiritual energy field to sense the strongest emotional/spiritual influence to which your body is responding.

Then, together, we develop a healing plan to begin to dislodge and peel away those deep-seated memories that are lodged in your tissues, disturbing your life and preventing joy, empowerment, and/or healing.

Dawn will suggest specific healing practices, exercises, meditations and spiritual tools to use to help you move toward a clearer inner space where you are free from the negative influences of deep-seated issues so that healing on all levels can begin or continue.

In your time with Dawn, the focus is on what is out of balance and what constitutes your true balance so you can make the necessary lifestyle and inner adjustments to regain and strengthen your total health and well-being.

All of us have residues of stuck emotional energy from our most disturbing and painful life experiences. Often, these memories are what keep us from dealing with our unresolved feelings, a step necessary for changing the dynamic of our lives in positive ways.Dawn guides and encourages her clients and their family members to discover their authentic inner power and Divine nature.


Stillpoint Intuitive Scan $225

Spiritual Mentoring, Counseling, Coaching $75 hour

QuantumWave Laser Healing Treatment $55

Email Dawn at for other pricing.

All fees payable in advance through PayPal. 

Consideration given for those experiencing financial challenges.

Please contact Dawn if you would like to discuss a financial arrangement. 

If you have medical problems, you will also want to be working with a physician or healthcare practitioner in order to receive diagnoses, remedies and prescriptions as necessary. 

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